The team foosball rules

Outlined below are the team’s official rules for foosball:

Doubles rules

Best of three: The winning side is the first side to win two games

Win by two: Each game must be won by a margin of two goals

Flip for it: When playing a third game, a coin-toss will decide who gets to choose side

  • “Tails for Wales”: For the toss, the side with the most convincing association with Wales is tails

Scorers switch places: After each goal, the two players on the side who scored the goal must swap places

  • No other switching: This is the only situation under which the players are allowed to switch places

Spinning: Feel free to spin the players (good luck with that)

Being 10-balled: The players on a side who is beaten 10-0 in a game must swap shirts/tops

  • This rule is purely theoretical, and should not be used on real human beings

"Lifting": When the ball can not be reached by any players, the table must be lifted by the team whose half the ball is in. Play is stopped until the table is back on the ground.

Foosing: When a defender is trying to clear the ball and the offensive 3-man rod deflects the ball back into the defender’s own goal.

Last updated 2 years ago.