The basic structure of our projects

Each of our projects follows a similar overall structure, intending to follow our philosophy for projects:

  • A package.json which defines the basic entry point scripts to run the project in local development - this is used by the dotrun app, or can be used directly with yarn run {command}. It should define the following commands:
    • serve: Get the site running
    • start: Get the site running and watching
    • test: Run any tests or linters associated with the project
    • build: Run any build steps needed ready for packaging up the project for release
    • watch: Run watchers to dynamically build any files as they change, for use in local development
    • clean: Return the project to its basic state by deleting any built or temporary files
  • HTML files or templates for the website, either in the root of the project or in a templates directory
  • A directory of scss files, to be built into css files on build or watch, for styling our websites
  • A dependency on vanilla-framework, our scss library for styling our websites

Last updated 4 months ago.