Canonicool sessions

Presenters for the next session

Dec 09

  • Alimot Akinbode

  • João Pedro Figueiredo Martins

  • Marina Castejon

About Canonicool sessions

Canonicool Sessions are an opportunity for the team to come together at the end of a week and socialise about anything.

Presenters are picked at random to talk about a topic of their choice. It can be anything; we've had ballads about lawnmowers, cocktail making classes and run downs of the best things to eat at Tescos, or watch things like TED talks which will help or inspire the whole team. 5X5 are a little different. They give new team members a chance to introduce themselves. Presentations should be 5 slides presented in 5 minutes, although this isn't a hard and fast rule.

If for any reason you cannot present or have any questions, please get in touch with someone

Upcoming presenters

Dec 16

  • Scott Mason Nash

  • Peter Makowski

  • Katarzyna Cichomska

Dec 23

  • Canonical Closed

Dec 30

  • Canonical Closed

Previous presenters

Dec 02

  • Ogheneochuko Pedro

  • Juan Ruitiña

  • MariaPaula Trujillo

Nov 25

  • Carlos Wu Fei

  • Francisco Jimenez Cabrera

  • Albert Kolozsvari

Nov 18

  • Yurii Vasyliev

  • Anthony Dillon

  • Eden Hernandez Lopez

Nov 11

  • Alexandra Bakalova

  • Michele Lo Russo

Nov 04

  • Engineering sprint

Oct 28

  • Roadmap sprint

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